Expert solutions for musicians, music studios, performing arts venues and education establishments.

Established in 1994, Amadeus offers over 20 years’ experience and the benefit of our vast knowledge.

The Amadeus Group comprises three companies: Performance Equipment, Acoustic Solutions and Auditorium Design.

Whether you require acoustic consultancy, musicians’ furniture and instrument storage, soundproof doors or acoustic panels, or you wish to develop a new studio, theatre or rehearsal space, Amadeus can provide the expertise and tailored solutions designed to meet your requirements.

Is your café, bar or restaurant suffering from noise problems?

A recent Action on Hearing Loss survey reported that 91% of respondents “would not make a return visit to a place where the noise levels were too high”. With the fashion for hard clean surfaces and functional-but-not-overly-decorative furnishings enduring, we often receive enquiries from hospitality establishments needing to tone down the acoustics of their dining spaces.

Read our blog here to find out how we can help with your noisy venue.

Plain acoustic panels on ceiling to resolve noise problems

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