Opus 1 Musicians’ Posture Chair

The Opus range offers the ultimate in musician supportive seating, and the Opus 1 is the premier posture chair within the range, sold exclusively by Amadeus.

The Opus 1 posture chair, designed for musicians and audiences, has an enviable worldwide reputation for encouraging correct posture for all users. Many have attempted to mimic the Opus chair, but none have matched it!

The unique shape of the chair’s backrest and seat support the spine in the thoracic and lumbar regions, preventing backward rotation of the spine under pressure – the most common cause of back pain. It has been highly recommended by Alexander Technique and ergonomic specialists – read more here.

Seat height: 450mm, 470mm or 490mm
Seat depth: 460mm
Overall width: 480mm
Frame: 19mm steel
Weight: 6 kg

The Opus 1 is a stackable chair with specially designed linking options (wire links and plastic linking clips) and a storage/transportation trolley. All chairs within the Opus posture chair range have additional features such as a virtually unlimited upholstery colour range, 2 choices of frame colour and variable seat height options. We can also provide an Acoustic Shield – a screen to diffuse mid to high frequencies that fits perfectly with the Opus posture chair range.

Opus is a registered design (No. 2009754).

Some Opus devotees include:
Abbey Road Studios, Royal Festival Hall, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Academy of Music, Royal Opera House, Bridgewater Hall, Eton College, London Symphony Orchestra, Yehudi Menuin School and many more.


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