Amadeus works with Stuart Epps on studio project

Imagine how delighted we were when legendary music producer Stuart Epps made contact!

Stuart had a private client who at great expense had built a combined live room and recording studio in his back garden which he said “Did not work”.

We were intrigued….why did it not work?

Stuart informed us there was an internal resonance problem around the 300hz mark in the current room and they hadn’t even tested an acoustic drum kit in there yet. He said they played in the room the previous night and he couldn’t stand it – the mids and highs were harsh; the low end just boomed out of control. The internal acoustics were so bad that it was really difficult for them to compensate for the room’s problems with the desk E.Q. The room left Stuart deaf after working in there.

The only way of judging the actual problem would be to visit the studio and hear for ourselves. Two days later our acoustic engineer and audio specialist, Ricardo Sanles, together with John Locke, were able to hear and therefore judge first-hand what was happening and to investigate why. Our findings were presented in the report commissioned by Stuart on behalf of his client.

The Treatment

The studio required significant treatment to remove the ‘boominess’ caused by non-acoustic sensitive construction.  A combination of absorption, diffusion and weight mass were required.  Applying acoustic panels to bespoke steel sheets would help; however, by applying bitumen to the steel we would resolve two problems, so a combination of QEDs, Skyline diffusion and absorption were used to great effect.


The Outcome

A note from Stuart’s client arrived just before Christmas:

Good morning John,

Just a quick email to say a big thank you to you and your team for a job well planned and well executed by a delightful bunch of people. Everything sounds good to me and Stuart tells me we’re in business! Ricardo told me he plans to pop in some time in the New Year and of course I’d be delighted to see him and have a chat about the room (by then I will be much more familiar with my new musical environment!).  I would like to wish you all a very happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.  Kind regards and much gratitude,

Mark Bond 


And from Stuart Epps:

All went well John. Mark very happy.  No booming, and low end still healthy but manageable.  Mids and highs good.  Main thing, the sound is very directionable and not spread –  it’s a studio now!!  Thanks for your hard working installation team .  Hope we can work to do another.  Stuart

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