Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Drum Room

Before this wonderful garden music practice room I used to cook wearing ear-defenders!

Dear Amadeus

We wanted to write a short note to express out gratitude for the magnificent drum room that you’ve built for us and our 16 year old son. Over the last couple of years his playing and appetite for playing have skyrocketed. He has moved on from the electronic kits, which are manageable and onto proper acoustic instruments, and these things are so much bigger and really, really loud. Before the drum room we had the kit in the basement along with a sizeable collection of guitars and keyboards. The house would reverberate, shudder and pulse to the beat. Our neighbours could feel it through the floor in their kitchen. I used to cook with ear defenders on, and used subtitles on the TV. We had tried to be tolerant parents but the noise was pushing our patience beyond that which was practicable.


Something had to give. Enquiries were made. 


Many companies offer garden rooms, many also offer acoustic treatments, but they don’t go to the lengths Amadeus do. Other companies make rooms, and then try to make them quieter. Amadeus start with the premise that sound is the most important part of the project. The reason for building the structure in the first place. So the studio is designed for the user in the room and for everyone else outside the room. For our son it is perfect. He can play anyway and anytime he wants without worrying he’s going to be told to turn it down or pack it in. But more than that, because of the way the room is designed he can play subtlety and work on finer points because he can hear everything so clearly. For us, from fifteen feet away the room is silent. Drums (and bass and guitar) can go full tilt and we, and our neighbours, can remain blissfully unaware. It’s like we have our house back. It is the best of all possible worlds. 


Everything about the project has worked really well. From the initial contact with John and the design process with him and Lorenzo. It was, and they were, collaborative and accommodating. 


A special mention to the boys who built our room. Ed, Steve, Craig, Adrian and Ryan, you were a pleasure to have in and around our home. You were great with our neighbours, even helping push a broken down car up the road at one point. At times it was a tricky build in a tight area with difficult weather, but your patience, perseverance and hard work have really paid off. Being musicians yourselves I think has really helped and added to the studio and your tips and advice have allowed us to make the absolute most of the room. 


Thank you Amadeus Acoustic Solutions 


Francis, Karen & Henry

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