Amadeus BOXY Rooms Star in Sarm Music Village Article

At the end of October, we were thrilled to discover our BOXY music studios featuring in an AllStudios’* article about Trevor Horn’s new studio complex – Sarm Music Village.

The six studios were completed in August 2014 as part of a huge refurbishment project at the Ladbroke Grove property and, on 3rd November this year, the launch party officially opened the new complex having already hosted some high profile sessions for artists including Rihanna, One Direction and Kylie Minogue.

The BOXY rooms provided by Amadeus have now been christened with names that resonate with Sarm heritage:

  • Sarm West Studio (blue) – a versatile tracking and mix studio.
    Amadeus provided the live room element of this complex which is now home to the studio’s beautiful 100 year old Steinway Grand Piano
  • Stiff Suite (yellow) – created for vocal sessions and production.
    The suite comprises ‘Big Stiff’ – the control room and ‘Little Stiff’ – a comfortable vocal booth.
  • Perfect Suite and Unforgettable Suite (both green) – smaller rooms created for modern music writing and production.
  • Island Life Suite (orange) – a long-term let production room.


To read the full article click here.



*AllStudios Ltd is an international studio directory and referral service.
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