Amadeus Bass Stool Receives Glowing Review

We had a lovely surprise at Amadeus the other day when our web analytics revealed steady traffic coming from music tuition website:

Curious, we investigated further and discovered that the traffic was coming from a bass stool review conducted by the site’s founder and principal tutor, Geoff Chalmers.

Geoff had created a video reviewing three bass stools, including a glowing report of our very own Opus Standard Bass Stool, and the web traffic was coming from the link to our web page that he had kindly included.

Introducing our product as ‘A fantastic stool that you see in a lot of music colleges’, Geoff then highlights key features and benefits of our product, including:

  • The comfortable seat pad
  • The practicality of the adjustable (telescopic) leg option
  • The benefits of the different footrest heights
  • The stool’s low weight and sturdy construction

Bass stool review by Geoff Chalmers of

To say we were ‘delighted’ by this objective and incredibly positive assessment of our product would be a gross understatement…we were chuffed to bits!


Thank you for an awesome review Geoff!   (And we’re really sorry you felt you had to adapt your fixed legged stool yourself…we would happily have changed it for the telescopic leg version!)


Watch Geoff’s review here.



Notes on

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