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Curve Pusher Moves To Hastings

Case Study – Curve Pusher Mastering Studios Spring/Summer 2018 Introduction The founder of Curve Pusher, Vinyl, CD & Digital Mastering, Lawrie Dunster made a decision in 2017 to move from his long-term HQ studio sin London’s Hackney and move, lock, stock, barrel and lathes to Hastings in East Sussex. Cleaner air and sea views + […]

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Billy Cunningham Sevenoaks Drum School

Update Billy Cunningham Sevenoaks Drum School After some months of using his Amadeus Garden Studio; our client, Billy Cunningham decided to ring the changes and move away from neutral colours and introduce a “colour splash” and at the same time sought some input on how to control Bass Frequencies as he had now altered the […]

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School Dining Hall Acoustic Management

During the summer of 2018 the schools Deputy Head made contact with Amadeus for advice on controlling a highly reverberative dining hall at St Mary’s and St Giles Church of England school. Upon visiting the school and the area in question the current reverberation time was measured at >4.0 seconds. With careful planning and design, […]

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Small town garden makes space for music practice

Music practice room, under construction in a small town garden. The long held dream by this client, to have her own fully insulated, soundproof, warm, light and cosy music practice room literally at the bottom of the garden. Work now in progress, come back soon for updated pictures.

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Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Drum Room

Before this wonderful garden music practice room I used to cook wearing ear-defenders! Dear Amadeus We wanted to write a short note to express out gratitude for the magnificent drum room that you’ve built for us and our 16 year old son. Over the last couple of years his playing and appetite for playing have […]

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AAS completes largest ever BOXY installation for RNCM, Manchester

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions, in partnership with Italian manufacturers BOXY, are proud to announce the completion of their largest ever modular studio installation at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. The £850,000 project saw theatre space previously used for small-scale productions and concerts converted into one overall enormous space 12m x 11m x 4m and […]

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Muting the Drum – a Reverberation Challenge at Cranford House School, Oxford

It’s not often the team at Amadeus are shocked; however, we were astounded when we first heard the acoustic characteristics of the relatively new multi-purpose hall at Cranford House School…the room acted like an enormous drum. Hard surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings and glazing are standard and are common contributors to an area’s resonance; […]

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Acoustic panels for talking books charity for the blind

Acoustic panels and a free-standing acoustic diffuser were installed at the Guardian Centre in SW London, to improve acoustics in the room where Denny McGrath records “Talking News” for the blind.

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Acoustic absorption panel installation at St Augustine’s Church Hall, West Sussex

Amadeus installed acoustic absorption panels into the high-angled ceiling spaces of St Augustine’s Church Hall, West Sussex, to improve reverberation time and clarity within the multi-purpose hall.

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Amadeus works with Stuart Epps on studio project

Amadeus worked with music producer Stuart Epps to correct the “boominess” in his client’s garden studio; absorption and diffusion were improved with acoustic panels applied to bespoke steel sheets.

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Acoustic Treatment Panels at Sandon Village Hall

After aesthetic refurbishment, the committee of Sandon Village Hall in Essex decided acoustic treatment was required to improve noise management. Amadeus proposed acoustic absorption panels suspended from the ceiling and on higher angled walls, which has now improved the reverberation time by 100%.

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A Private Jazz Pod in a Town House

In June 2013, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions were commissioned to install a Jazz rehearsal pod on the second floor of a town house in Newcastle; intended to contain high levels of Jazz drum playing, the pod includes acoustic panels, acoustically rated glass, attenuated air ventilation systems plus innovative electrics and lighting.

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Finton House Music Rooms Post Completion

The subterranean music practice rooms at Finton House School – in pictures – the music rooms now fully operational alongside acoustic treatment panels, printed artwork panels and performance equipment.

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Hampton School – 450th Theatre/Hall

Bespoke reflection panels designed and installed by the Amadeus team to enhance the acoutics within the brand new school Theatre. Our acoustic consultants carried out numerous tests to decide how best to treat the acoustics in the theatre, and provided a solution that suited the needs and budget of the project. We also designed and installed the wooden handrails in the theatre.

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Acoustic Treatment for the Black Dyke Band

Amadeus provided successful acoustic treatment for the rehearsal room of the Black Dyke Band – one of the worlds most celebrated and illustrious brass bands – including Absorbor panels, BAD panels and Opus chairs.

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