New Dual Layer Acoustic Shield Receives Glowing Feedback from Northern Ballet

Following an extensive trial of Amadeus’ new Dual Layer Acoustic Shields, Northern Ballet were so impressed with the product that they have procured a total of 14 shields, selecting a mix of both free-standing and Opus 1 chair variants.

Barry Collarbone, Orchestra and Concerts Manager, explained the orchestra’s choice of shield:

“Our decision to ‘upgrade’ our screens to the Amadeus product was twofold: we use Amadeus Opus 1 musicians’ posture chairs and, since it’s possible to attach the screens to the chairs, this seemed a very sensible arrangement. In addition, Amadeus is well known in the music industry for manufacturing, and supplying, good product. Since it’s not possible, in all instances, to use the chair attached version in all areas of the pit, we also opted to purchase a number of free-standing screens. We have been using screens for a number of years. However, the screens we were using were fairly basic and, in some instances, probably created more problems for musicians (ie., brass, wind and percussion) playing ‘into’ the screens.”

Barry’s full testamonial for the Dual Layer Acoustic Shield can found below.

Dual Layer Acoustic Shield Free Standing and Opus 1 mounted

About the shield

The Dual Layer Acoustic Shield has been developed specifically for musicians at risk from acoustic shock, absorbing and diffusing sound from the players to the rear, thereby effectively reducing the amount of damaging over-the-shoulder noise levels to players in front. The dual layer design incorporates one solid layer and one perforated layer separated by a substantial air gap. The perforated layer faces the source instrument and provides some acoustic absorption and diffusion of the incident sound thereby protecting the musician in front and reducing reflections back towards source.

Prior to product launch, the shields were tested extensively by IoA-certified acousticians, Adrian James Acoustics Ltd, and the Amadeus team were thrilled by the results as in-lab A-weighted performances of 7.8dB insertion loss were recorded for the free-standing screen while an incredible 8.8dB insertion loss was measured for the Opus 1 chair-mounted variant.

The full report can be downloaded here: Amadeus Acoustic Shield Performance


The Amadeus design is much more 'user friendly', in that the screens are laminated, have a series of perforations to absorb sound on one surface and both surfaces are curved, allowing for the sound go around the player being protected and not reflecting back the other. The screens are ideal for us in that, since we have a number of both free-standing and chair attached units we have great flexibility; since we tour extensively and are, therefore, faced with a number of differing pit configurations, this is highly desirable/beneficial. The units are robust, but light, including the stands, and are therefore very portable; as a touring company this is advantageous. Those musicians who are perpetually having to use acoustic screens have all observed the improved properties the Amadeus screens have over those used previously.

Barry Collarbone, Orchestra and Concerts Manager | Northern Ballet
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