Ceiling Panels at The Hall School, London

Having met the Bursar, Tom O’Brian, at the annual ISBA (Independent Schools Bursar Association) in May, he explained the school were planning to refurbish their Dining Hall. Part of this refurb should be to improve the room acoustics, as by all accounts, the noise when pupils and staff were eating was most uncomfortable.

The Problem:
Amadeus carried out an aural survey prior to the summer closure and established the causes of the “noise” were too many hard and reflective surfaces, solid flooring and a wall of glass plus a fairly low ceiling, also with a reflective surface.

The Solution:
We considered both a wall and ceiling treatment but – office based calculations confirmed – the most effective return for the cost of improvement would be a series of ceiling hung acoustic panels, which would reduce the reverberation time from 3.0 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Hall school 2 hall school


The Verdict:

Best expressed by the school’s Clerk of Works, Peter Finn who wrote…

” We are indeed pleased with the improved acoustics in the dining hall. Tom (who has just returned from a few days’ leave) and I were over there this morning and the difference is remarkable. Any fears we had about the spoken word being a problem in there are unfounded. It appears you can whisper from one end to the other. It is the reverberation that has disappeared. We will have to wait until next term to put it to the full test of a lunch sitting but with it, and the improvements we have also made to the lighting, the room is transformed. ”
Peter Finn, Clerk of Works


Many thanks to The Hall School, London for featuring in our Case Study.
Images provided by Amadeus.



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