About Us

Amadeus provides expert solutions for musicians, music and education establishments, and performing arts venues.

The Amadeus Group comprises three companies that, together, provide a cohesive package of individually tailored solutions designed to meet the demands of each client.

We can help you, whether you require:

  • A feasibility study
  • Planning and development of a new performance space
  • Acoustic consultancy to help refurbish, or design and build a new music department, catering, commercial or office environment
  • Quality equipment to furnish your performing arts venue

Amadeus provides the expertise required, providing a professional service and working collaboratively with its clients in order to get the right result.

Amadeus Performance Equipment (APEL Ltd) was the founding business in the group, established in 1994. The company has built an enviable worldwide reputation, not only from its passion for what it does but also its inherent understanding of the market place and its clients’ needs. APEL has been instrumental in the development of arguably the best range of ergonomic posture seating for musicians – the Opus range.
The company’s continuous research, innovation and procurement programme ensures the supply of the right equipment for all performing arts environments. Learn more

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions (AAS Ltd) was established 5 years later, in 1999, in response to the increasing demands of noise regulation and the need for better acoustic products that meet (and often exceed) certified requirements. Working closely and in partnership with its suppliers, associates and clients, AAS provides professional consultancy and specifies, supplies and fits acoustic products that meet legislative and budgetary requirements. This includes the construction of superbly designed sound-insulated modular rooms. Learn more

Amadeus Auditorium Design (AAD Ltd) is the newest member of the group. Formed in 2006, AAD undertakes full planning and design projects here in the UK and around the world. Our team of theatre designers, acousticians, architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors and individual specialists (such as sound and lighting designers) work to create a beautifully designed and tuned environment to further enhance your audience’s visual and audio experience to enrich the work of musician, cast and crew alike. Learn more


Why Choose Amadeus?

We believe wholeheartedly in our products and services and our love of what we do is evidenced in their design, detail, quality and value for money. Many of our deliverables have been developed over the lifetime of the company – that’s over 20 years of product development! We pride ourselves on being good buyers for our clients; putting ourselves in your shoes, understanding your needs and your constraints. And last, but definitely not least, we treat clients as we would like to be treated – with professionalism, respect and understanding.

Call us! We love to hear about new projects, challenges or furniture desires and to discuss ways in which we could help you.




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