Curve Pusher Moves To Hastings

Case Study – Curve Pusher Mastering Studios

Spring/Summer 2018

Introduction The founder of Curve Pusher, Vinyl, CD & Digital Mastering, Lawrie Dunster made a decision in 2017 to move from his long-term HQ studio sin London’s Hackney and move, lock, stock, barrel and lathes to Hastings in East Sussex. Cleaner air and sea views + attractive local authority incentives were the principle drivers and for his loyal and amazingly talented staff, a quality of life both professionally and personally afforded by new “world class” studios and sensible property prices.

How & Why Amadeus

Whilst speaking to Locate Sussex and others in HBC he learned there was a “local company” (Amadeus) with excellent acoustic design credentials to create for him, as he put it “a couple of world class studios”. There followed a get to know you meeting where a brief was taken, and outline plan established.

Essential requirements

The Old Dairy looking toward East Hill was the building recommended but being amid a heavily populated residential area our client was asked to ensure no sound transmission, a pretty tall order considering that Lawrie and his colleagues would be working in studios where it was not unusual for each to generate >100dB of sound output. So, soundproofing was key, followed by a replication of sound (or better) from the original studios that had been home to CP for over 15 years.

Design process

Establishing optimum size/s for each of the first two studios would inform the costing process and allow us to produce various plan set ups e.g.: heights/widths, depths, desk position, position of amps, power outlets, location of Neumann lathe. After many revisions we were able to establish and get sign-off on a plan that is represented by each of the two studios featured in the images. One of the most important design requirements was to transpose a Caribbean beach & palm tree scene onto the wall facing Lawrie’s control desk (see image) this is Studio 2; a very chilled and inspiring image – good for the soul and great for the imagination!

The build

Having agreed a budget, we set forth to create something very special; it took a long time, there were bumps in the proverbial road, we had to overcome lack of space, very windy days, a little hail, lots of snow & plenty of rain. We worked in harmony with Lawrie’s main contractor who was charged with making the exterior/interior weather proof and secure and to improve normal services and create good “chilling” space. All in all, very challenging; but as Lawrie wrote in his invitation to neighbours, clients and the press, local, national and international “there is now a world class studio complex in Hastings”

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions

Curve Pusher install Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Acoustic Studios

Final words

You want soundproofing; you want a great space to make music – look no further than #AmadeusAcousticSolutions

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