Finton House Music Rooms Post Completion

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The music practice rooms at Finton House School are now fully operational. Please step this way for the tour …

Here you will see the school’s E-level Boxy Rooms, acoustic treatment panels, printed artwork panels and performance equipment.


 Descent to music block



from the ground up


Here we see that acoustic treatment is not only suitable for music rooms, but is also essential for speech intelligibility for other lessons. These panels cut down the reverb times within the room, making ambient noise much less of a problem. This enables tutors to project their voices comfortably and students to listen with ease.

These classroom requirements are all outlined in the BB93 Form which is thankfully raising awareness for properly functioning classroom acoustics and is rapidly improving the learning and teaching environments of thousands of people.

Below we have some printed acoustic panels. These panels not only add colour to the room, they also improve absorbtion.

One large classroom with Acoustic Panels

Lumix August September 025 (9)

The school's logo printed to acoustic panels

BIG IDEA printed panel


More Printed Panels

Lastly, we come to our acoustic pods. These are the E-level Boxy Rooms we installed back in February.

Now on to the Acoustic Pods


Performance equipment being moved in


We think every one at Finton House is pretty pleased …


Many thanks to Finton House School in Wandsworth for featuring in our Case Study.
Photographs provided by Amadeus.

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