Splendid Testimonials Received for Garden Music Studios (2)

Following an unprecedented surge in demand for our bespoke garden music studios, with back-to-back surveys and builds that kept us busy for many months, we were delighted to receive a raft of complimentary feedback and testimonials from musicians clearly impressed with their new studios.

Subsequent to our previous blog, our next testimonial was received from Nils Eyre, guitarist and songwriter, who was looking for a space where he could practise, play and record with his band.

Thank you for the awesome testimonial Nils! We wish you much success and happiness in your new music room 🙂

We shall let Nils tell the story in his owns words….

new-one“As a guitarist and songwriter having spent an inordinate amount of time and money in rehearsal studios and recording studios over the years I’d always dreamed of having my own dedicated space that would be big enough and soundproofed enough to allow me to write, rehearse and record a range of instruments to a professional level including drums….which are ordinarily just not an option in a domestic setting.

I’d built a small studio setup in my house already but the acoustic issues I faced, typical of an average untreated room, plus the lack of soundproofing meant I couldn’t really record guitars properly and drums would have been impossible. So when I started investigating the possibility of building a home based recording studio last year I researched the fairly large number of companies that now offer to build soundproofed garden rooms and I got in touch with a handful to discuss my options.

Most of these companies were offering some generic soundproofing but the options to tweak the design and specifications were surprisingly limited and I felt I would have to compromise on the size, finishing and soundproofing. However, when I stumbled across Amadeus’ website it was immediately obvious that the service they offered was different. I got in touch for an initial chat and a site visit was quickly arranged so they could see the proposed location of the studio in the garden including (importantly) its’ position relative to neighbouring properties. During the site visit Amadeus made a point to understand precisely what I would actually be using the studio for so they could tailor the design, soundproofing and acoustic treatment – something which no other companies seemed willing to do.

After several more phone calls and e-mails Amadeus produced the final very detailed drawings for the studio and I decided to take the plunge and go ahead. A start date was booked into the diary and Amadeus turned up on time and began the studio build. The Amadeus building team were absolutely fantastic, highly skilled, always professional and incredibly hard working through all weather. As the studio progressed I realized quite how technical the build was, if any single wall layer was breached with just one misplaced screw the level of soundproofing would have been severely reduced….a good lesson in why this is a job for the experts!

The job was completed to schedule and the result is honestly better than I had expected. The quality of workmanship and finishing is excellent, the level of soundproofing so good that even a neighbour has commented and most importantly the sound of the room inside is quiet with no resonant frequencies and is not acoustically dead like I thought it would be – the mixture of absorption and diffusion works brilliantly. Everyone who has seen the studio (musicians and non-musicians alike) has been similarly impressed. Having just recently recorded drums for the first time with my band we’re delighted with the results and I look forward to making full use of my new studio over the months and years to come.

I’d highly recommend Amadeus to anyone thinking about building, renovating or improving a soundproofed or acoustically treated space”

Nils Eyre


If you are thinking of getting a garden music studio of your own give the team a call on 01424 775867.

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