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Having spotted a niche in the rehearsal space market in Glasgow, Lynne Howard contacted Amadeus about our BOXY© Modular Rooms.

GMS finished 2

The Initial Brief:
An entrepreneur from Glasgow, Lynne Howard, approached Amadeus at the end of 2009. She had spotted a niche in the rehearsal space market and decided to do something about it; she began planning a brand new and exciting rehearsal studio – namely ‘Glasgow Music Studios’. Lynne had this to say:-

“Glasgow is a vibrant musical city supporting many live music venues, acts and performers. There is a demand for quality rehearsal and recording facilities across the city. This was where I saw a gap in the market and decided to carry out some research into what musicians wanted? It was concluded that the most important thing to musicians was ‘quality of sound.’

Glasgow Music Studios will provide top quality rehearsal studio space for musicians in Glasgow. We will be also using the studios for private tutoring and workshops for young people (Summer 2011 onwards).”

The Solution:
Having found the Amadeus website, Lynne contacted us immediately to talk about our BOXY© Modular Rooms. Having only seen the rooms online, she fell in love with the contemporary style and versatility of the studios, the beauty and state-of-the-art nature of the interior decoration. She was also incredibly keen to find out more about the fact that these rooms are fully modular, so if the business was to grow rapidly and new premises required, she could simply pack the rooms up and re-install them elsewhere.

Despite her initial impression, Lynne obviously needed to see how the rooms performed acoustically, and discover with her own eyes how impressive they were in ‘the flesh’, therefore we took her to an installation we had recently completed at Cheadle Hulme School.

Lynne was blown away by every aspect of the rooms, she fell in love with the product and her mind was made up.

“Our aim was to provide high quality music studios suitable for all ages and genres of musicians within Glasgow. We chose the Amadeus BOXY© Rooms as they are state of the art studios (first of their kind in Scotland!). The precision design of the studios will help us attract acts and musicians from all over Glasgow and around Scotland. The Amadeus BOXY© rooms allow us to build a strong brand identity based on quality – we felt the relationship between Glasgow Music Studios Ltd and Amadeus was perfect.”
Lynne Howard

During the first half of 2010, Lynne found the perfect location for the studios on Osborne Street in the city centre, and from that moment we started to plan and design the three studios that would form the very core of Glasgow Music Studios, working with her every step of the way. In October 2010, we were set to go and the installation took place; Lynne is thrilled by the sound transmission reduction achieved with the rooms.

Below are a set of ‘snaps’ taken throughout the installation that document the process. Evidently they are just as useful for bagpipers as they are for drummers and guitarists!

GMS before installGMS - unload GMS - floorGMS- framesGMS  finished room  GMS finished 2GMS - through the door  GMS Absorber GMS absorber 1   GMS drumkit GMS drums      GMS CREWGMS- with kit





The Verdict:
Lynne is absolutely thrilled with the way the studios have turned out, and Glasgow Music Studios Ltd is now up and running. She gave the following testimonial at the end of the installation:

“We had 3 studios installed all now stocked with top quality musical instruments. There are plans for extending the studios next year to accommodate a recording suite and extra rehearsal room.

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions have been both helpful and professional throughout the process of building our studios. They helped me over come many initial obstacles along the way with setting up the studios; no problem was too big or too small, they always helped in a positive and focused manner. The organisation, fitting and installing of the studios was second to none with everything done to agreed timescales and to an extremely high quality.

They had a genuine interest in helping make my project a success. I felt we were part of a team working together to achieve the same goal – creating the perfect sound. I will be using Amadeus and BOXY© for all my future studio installations.”
Lynne Howard, Managing Director, Glasgow Music Services

Business demands have been so high, that one of the original rooms has been extended thus allowing full band practice.  And recently in 2012 a Mega Pod (so called) aka XL POD has been added for larger band-practice, onwards and upwards Lynne.

See the GMS Launch Night Video


Many thanks to Glasgow Music Studios for featuring in our Case Study.

Images provided by Amadeus.

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