Bespoke Instrument Storage for Royal Russell School

Amadeus provided bespoke instrument storage units for the prestigious Royal Russell School, including moveable instrument storage racks and purpose built lockers to fit into the space available within the school. 

The Problem:
Set on the grounds of a beautiful site in Surrey, the school has recently expanded in size and built a brand new building which will be used for the study of many different subjects including music and the creative arts. As a result of this, the school had a responsibility to offer students a safe and secure place to store their musical instruments while at school.

The units were designed to house, protect and store a vast array of different instruments: lockers for woodwind instruments, brass instruments and stringed instruments; instrument storage racks including guitar racks, cello racks, violin racks and double bass racks.

Offering such storage not only prolongs the life of the musical instruments, but also keeps the schools insurance premium down as instruments are less likely to be damaged, stolen or lost. Such storage also offers great reassurance to the parents of the musical students, as they are – more often than not – the ones who put their hands in their pockets and purchase the instruments!

The Solution:
We worked closely with Royal Russell School to provide a solution that suited them, considering the vast amount of instruments they wished to store, their strict budget and the aesthetic qualities they required from the storage. We conducted a detailed site survey to identify and utilise the restricted available space within the school which could be used for such storage.

Amadeus offer a versatile range of instrument storage solutions and are able to cater for virtually all needs, requirements and budgets.

It was eventually decided that the school required a combination of movable storage racks and bespoke instrument storage locker units. We designed all the locker units to adhere to the schools brief, and provided drawings and plans at every stage of the design process. All the racks and the locker units are were then hand built by our team of highly skilled British joiners and craftsmen.

Delivery & Installation:
We believe that it is our duty to see a project through to its final stages. There is nothing worse than entrusting your time and money with a company who seem to be your best friend throughout the initial stages of a sale, but then dump the goods on your doorstep and leave you on your own. Our philosophy is to be there for you at every stage – after all, if we can offer you a fantastic service then you are more likely to want to come back to us in the future.

As a result of this we delivered and fully installed the racks and units to the school with pride and pleasure. Take a look at the photographs below which document the delivery and installation process to see how we deal with unforeseen challenges, overcome unpredictable hurdles, and also the pride with which we carry out such work.

Royal Russell Instrument storageRoyal Russell Instrument storageRoyal Russell Instrument storage

Royal Russell instrument storageRoyal Russell Instrument storageRoyal Russell Instrument storage

Royal Russell Instrument storageRoyal Russell instrument storageRoyal Russell Instrument Storage

All units and racks transported carefully, safely and securely to the school, then carefully maneuvered up two flights of stairs to install them where the school desired and placed according to the initial plans, utilising corridor space.

When we design the units, we have to preempt the installation and all ‘access’ logistics. As you can see from the photos, the biggest of all the bespoke units was specifically designed to be as large as possible without being too big to fit through the door!

The position of this unit within the school was changed from the ground floor to the first floor at the last minute, which meant we had to take it up two flights of stairs by hand. Had we been aware of this before delivery, we would have brought the unit in flat packed and assembled it on site – but as previously mentioned, we are here to provide the very best service we can, and therefore we are more than happy to change details such as this to make the client happy. The largest rack, however, was far too heavy to carry up stairs by hand, therefore we removed all the doors to reduce the overall weight.

Once all the racks and lockers were in place, we made very minor adjustments to the heights and levels of the units to make sure they were flush to one another, and look straight, neat and tidy against the wall. This attention to detail is very important to us.

The Verdict:
Royal Russell School is a satisfied and loyal customer of Amadeus Performance Equipment.

Many thanks to Royal Russell School for featuring in our Case Study.
Images provided by Amadeus.

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