A Private Jazz Pod in a Town House

At the start of June 2013, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions were commissioned to install a Jazz rehearsal pod in a second floor room in a town house in Newcastle.

The pod, intended to contain high levels of Jazz drum playing, would need acoustic panels, acoustically rated glass, attenuated air ventilation systems plus innovative electrics and lighting.

Drums were high on the agenda with this project (two floors high to be exact), and so required an E–Level Boxy Room, rated at approx 60 dB transmissions loss. Thankfully this isn’t our heaviest model Pod, as two flights of stairs can almost feel like climbing a mountain when you are carrying materials for our studio constructions.

A dormer roof conversion was going to be the new home of the acoustic drum pod and special structural measures had to be put into place before the 2 tons of steel and glass could be erected. This included large rolled steel joists that were tied into a load bearing wall to support the weight that the floor will now have to withstand.

First things first, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions needed to perform a site survey to measure the available space; we use laser lines to determine accurate dimensions.


After the site survey, a design plan and scope of work can been determined with the client, this includes all details and inclusions for personalisation of the music performance spaces. Every musician performs differently and uses different equipment and techniques, therefore all rehearsal spaces should match the intended use and be as individual as possible.

Once a design has been decided and an installation date designated, our delivery of acoustic wall, ceiling and floor panels can be delivered. This also includes the structural frame, doors, windows, electrics, lighting, ventilation and every other piece of material needed to complete the Pod’s installation.


Once unwrapped and carefully carried up two flights of stairs, the floor can be assembled on thick rubber blocks. This aspect of the design really helps with isolating the room from the structure it has been installed within, cutting down on structure born transmission.


Then the main structural frame can be assembled, this will hold the walls, ceiling, door and window and is sealed on every joint.


The new pod really starts to take shape when the window frame, ceiling and wall panels are mounted into position.


The electrics can then be installed, as you can see every aspect of our construction uses precise laser measuring equipment to reach the best finish obtainable.


Then we go up into the crawl space above the pod, for the installation of our attenuated air handling system, this is one of the key aspects of the pod’s design and is integral to the success of the pod’s acoustic performance. Ventilation systems that are poorly designed can cause havoc when it comes to disrupting the acoustic integrity of a structure and many well designed rooms will fail because of the aspect.


The lighting track and ceiling absorption panels can now be installed. This specific lighting design is a first for our English installations and is currently the only one of its kind in the UK.


The electrics, acoustic paneling and glazing have been installed and the room is nearly complete.


The Acoustic Door has been hung and the rehearsal room is now fully operational.


All we need is a drummer!!!


In 1 ½ days, three members of the Amadeus UK team installed an E-level Boxy Room on the second floor in a Newcastle town house. From our headquarters in East Sussex, the drive there and back nearly took as long as the installation itself, the weather was in our favour for the entire time and the evening atmosphere on Osborne Road was electric.

“Mrs Howard and the Neighbours would like to place on record their gratitude to Team Amadeus for the new tranquillity in their lives!!!!”

Many thanks to our client for featuring in our Case Study.

Images provided by Amadeus.


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