M-Pod Testimonial Proves Our Modular Music Rooms Have Serious Sax Appeal

Here at Amadeus, we are always delighted to receive feedback from our customers and testimonials such as Tim’s below really make our day! M-Pod testimonial


Tim was looking for a way to practice his saxophone freely and without constraint – Amadeus Acoustic Solutions were more than happy to help…


“I have been looking for a solution to practicing my saxophone at odd times of the day and night that allows me to play out and uninhibited and without disturbing my wife or the neighbours.

I found the complete solution in the Amadeus M-Pod.

The M-Pod allows me to practice the sort of material which is essential to my development as a saxophonist but, to be honest, is not particularly great to listen to – e.g. long tones, scales/arpeggios, altissimo register, multiphonics, repetitive drills and patterns etc. It is important that the whole dynamic of the instrument is explored and I can play at full whack early in the morning or late at night with the confidence that I am not going to get any complaints.

I purchased the smallest M-Pod (1.8m x 2.3m) and it is the perfect size for solo practice. In fact, it feels like you are entering a bubble and I think that the feeling of isolation and sanctuary is great for serious and intense study.

The team at Amadeus have been fantastic. John helped me to select the most suitable M-Pod for my requirements, Dariusz and his team were brilliant at installation and Lorenzo and Andrew were extremely helpful in sorting out a technical issue for me. All in all I can’t recommend the company or the M-Pod highly enough.

Thanks to everyone at Amadeus!!”

Tim Woolford
Tenor Sax



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