M-Pod® within a garage

‘Spring is in our steps and rhythm in our shoes.
Together we are kicking off those winter blues’

And what better way to kick start the great British summertime weather than installing an M-Pod®, the ambient and acoustically isolated space for dedicated music practice?

A private client in Hertfordshire recently chose the standard size M-pod® @ 2.3m x 2.3m x 2.23m high,which was developed by B-BENG, to create a soundproof drum room that would allow music practice late into the night.

Location: Within a double garage
Build time: Approx 5 hours
Weather conditions: Perfect sunshine

Like all these music practice pods, the M-Pod® came with Ventilation, Lighting, Acoustic Absorption Materials, Acoustic Doors and Electrics as standard.


Garage ready for pod

Frame work bolted together

Door and walls installed

Finished pod with drums moving in


Delighted with the M-Pod®‘s performance, our client offered fantastic feedback.
All in all this was a very pleasant installation for an even more pleasant client. So thanks are in order!

Here at Amadeus, we are excited to talk about and highlight this project as we installed another M-Pod® at the MMA (Music Masters Association) conference at St George’s College in the same month, in Weybridge, where we offered delegates the opportunity to test the M-Pod®‘s impressive credentials.

The MMA conference is an annual event  attended by Directors of Music and heads of Instrumental sections, with some 200 + visitors expected to attend each year. Why not click here to find out more?

Arrangements can be made to test our M-Pods®, just let us know where you are in the country and we shall try to arrange a convenient time and place.

Find out more about our M-Pod® Acoustic Rooms.

The M-Pod is a truly awesome and ingenious product, totally worth its weight in gold and worth every penny (a drummer’s dream practice booth). This product will definitely keep the neighbours - and more importantly the wife - extremely happy as I play long into the night at full pelt :). Thanks guys, for the delivery and installation of the M-Pod, greatly appreciate the fine work you are doing. Another happy customer.

Olu Odularu | Private Client
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