Modular Soundproof Rooms at Leeds College of Art

Leeds College of Art contacted Amadeus to discuss their need for two soundproof rooms for student music practice and recording. Visibility and use of Natural Light were an important part of the brief due to the location chosen for the rooms.

Initial Site Survey
A site survey at the beginning of 2009 identified an unused space in a very large and very high storage cupboard, located near a stairwell and elevated corridor. It was decided the top half of storage cupboard could form a mezzanine floor onto which 2 specially designed modular music rooms could be erected.

The Solution:
Below you will see the first completed wall sections on the mezzanine floor and installation of large glass windows and an air circulation system.

As the newly created floor was to be located close to very large windows it was decided the entire front walls of each room should be fully glazed; this was also to include one side wall. Sound management was also a critical feature of the client brief; we needed to ensure there was no noise transmission as one side of the new rooms is the Theatre which is in regular use.

Both rooms were installed in just thirty hours.

Leeds college

Leeds college2

lees college 1

John Locke with steve smith

John Locke with students

Please see below for progress of installation


The Verdict:
As you can see, these soundproof rooms are highly unique and look amazing. These images were captured by Emily Crane a student whilst in her last year for a competition sponsored by Amadeus (see photos).  The two runners-up were Dean Scofield and Sarah Covington (on the right).  The rooms look great and are delivering exactly what is required.  Stephen Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Media & Design Communication


Many thanks to Leeds College of Art for featuring in our Case Study.
Images provided by Amadeus.



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