New Territory for the Alpha Dog

Early in the year we took a call from well known composer for TV, film, advertising and video games – Ed White.  Ed asked for our guidance in designing and constructing a bespoke, cedar-clad studio at his home in London.

Amadeus surveyed the proposed site in mid-February and work on Ed’s dream space began in May. Just two and a half weeks later, and with only 3 guys on site, (amid wind, rain, hail and a little sunshine) Alpha Dog Music had its new base. Not merely a glorified garden room, but a tailor-made, acoustically treated private space for Ed to record instruments, vocals and orchestration, prepare parts and mix and edit scores – all within a bone’s throw of his own back door!

If you are interested in creating your own music haven in the form of a garden studio and would like a quotation please contact us on 01424 775867.

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