4 M-Pods® for Northbridge House Prep School

In July 2014, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions received a call from the Facilities Manager at Northbridge House Prep, asking “would it be possible to deliver and install 4 No: M-Pods® into one of the Cognita schools in London during the summer period?”  

Following a site survey, during which time it was established that the space being proposed was in a series of “temporary buildings, we decided that the project was doable. We were able to make an offer which was duly accepted, and so a date was set for the last weekend in August in order to be ready for the school’s new academic year starting the week after!

proposed building for install

Proposed building for the M-Pod® installation


Another pic of the temporary building.

Another pic of the temporary building


Site access to the school was described as difficult – the only way in was via a private access road to multi-million pound luxury apartments and up a slight incline, as pictured below ...

Our only access point

Our only access point

and on into a playground area where storage space was a real issue for our 10 fully laden pallets  

Materials loading

M-Pod® materials loading


The space that was to become home for the 4 No: M-Pods® was previously used as the main staff room.

Staff room

Staff room


The school building and maintenance department were instrumental in clearing the space as soon as the school closed for the summer break.

AMADEUS introduced a team of 6 installation engineers led by our Italian colleague, Allessandro Panteri from B-Beng srl, who commenced the installation at 08:00 hrs on the Saturday and were finished by late afternoon on the Sunday – 4 rooms, ready for use as soon as the school re-opened!



Doors installed

Doors installed


End users

Alan Keane, Facilities Manager at Northbridge House was “amazed by the speed, and delighted with the outcome”.

Many thanks to Northbridge House Prep for featuring in our Case Study.

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