Opus chairs and the Alexander Technique

The Opus musicians’ chair is recommended by Alexander Technique and ergonomic specialists.

Many musicians train in the Alexander Technique to improve the quality of their body usage. One of the key elements of the technique is to allow the musicians’ chair to trigger ‘anti-gravity’ reflexes in the spine thus allowing tension-free sitting and better playing. Most chairs cannot be used for ‘Alexander sitting’ – the seats are too soft, their angles inappropriate, and musicians have to perch on the front edge of the chair.

Amadeus was very aware of this when the Opus range of musician posture seating was designed, some 20+ years ago, and an assessment from ‘Back In Action’ – specialists in the assessment of chairs for very specific environments – was commissioned. The evaluation of the specialist chairs was carried out by an ergonomist and an Alexander Technique teacher, and stated that “the seat on the Opus is excellent in that it allows for both Alexander sitting and a conventional seated posture using the backrest“.

Opus 1 front

The Opus chair features a degree of forward tilt which is particularly important for helping to sustain a more upright and poised position.

opus biomech

The upright posture will also help musicians with wind instruments as the diaphragm and stomach muscles will be less constricted.


The orchestral environment has one of the most varied groups of people and ‘equipment’ in terms of size, shape and activity undertaken, and Amadeus was understandably delighted when the ‘Back In Action’ ergonomist declared the Opus to be “a very well researched and developed chair in terms of being fit for the intended user group“.

Good posture ensures a long and healthy career as a performer. Improved foam content on the Opus seat now helps to provide more sustained support, an obvious advantage in postponing the onset of fatigue and discomfort normally associated with extended periods of static sitting, thus enabling the musician to keep alert and help their overall performance.

The ‘Back In Action’ Alexander Technique teacher was adamant “If F. M. Alexander was a musician, this is the chair he would have enjoyed using“.


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The ‘Alexander Technique’ Devised by F. M. Alexander, is a way of learning how to get rid of harmful tension in your body, “a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination”.

Opus Chairs and Stools Posture seating for musicians; as used by the BBC Orchestras, London Symphony Orchestra, Eton College, Royal Academy of Music, Glyndebourne Opera House, Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and many more prestigious performers in the UK and overseas.

‘Back In Action’ Specialists in back pain solutions; the assessment team has a unique blend of ergonomists, designers and Alexander Technique teachers to help improve the furniture we use.


I am an orchestral and chamber musician with a serious long term disc problem. The Opus 1 musician posture chair makes a real difference to me. I can’t recommend Opus posture chairs high enough.” Maya Magub


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