Opus chairs in Holland, and a bit of Dutch press!

Here at Amadeus we are thrilled to be able to boast the fact that our Opus Musician posture chairs have made their debut appearance in Holland. They may have put on a dubious performance in the world cup final, but the Dutch certainly understand the importance of good posture for their musicians, and have great taste in chairs!
The Codarts Theatre in Rotterdam, Holland is a prestigious Performing Arts centre that holds an eclectic and versatile mixture of performances; from national ballets to contemporary comedy, from rock bands to opera, and from serious independent theatre to out and out musical classics. Have a look at their website:  http://www.codarts.nl/
The theatre searched the globe for a set of chairs that would look after the health and posture of their musicians. Having tried and tested numerous alternatives they eventually caught wind of the Amadeus Opus Chair. They got in touch with us, and we talked them through all the benefits of the chairs and explained how they have been ergonomically designed to support the musician through practice and performance; and outlined the fact that they are used by the BBC, Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Glyndbourne Opera House, LSO St Lukes, The Barbican centre, and by many more prestigious organisations in the UK, and indeed worldwide.
After testing one of the chairs, Codarts were convinced! They immediately placed an order for 100 Opus chairs, and Amadeus had them made at three different seat heights to suit their requirements, and organised all the shipping and delivery.
It’s fair to say that the Codarts centre are thrilled with their chairs, and we have received many a thankful email from the managers and musicians at the centre expressing their gratitude and informing us of their pleasure in using the chairs.
They were so pleased in fact, that they even featured Amadeus and the Opus chairs in their monthly magazine. We were delighted to be part of it, and have now built a wonderful relationship with the Codarts centre.
Amadeus and the Opus chairs featured in the Codarts magazine:
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