Opus Musician Posture Chairs to Carry actiposture™ Mark

Amadeus Performance Equipment are excited to announce that all Opus musician posture chairs and stools incorporating back rests now carry the actiposture™ mark.

This brand is applied exclusively to advanced postural seating systems designed and developed by designers Professor Richard Snell and David Rowe and, in the case of the Opus Collection, in collaboration with Birmingham City University (BCU).

The actiposture™ proactive seating principles acknowledge that sitting is not a static activity, and that in different situations several functions have to be facilitated by a unique configuration and contouring of seats and backs.

When applied to seating for musicians specifically, the principles involve providing appropriate seat and back profiles to the spine and posterior of players while they support and play musical instruments, allowing for necessary movements and musculo-skeletal requirements.

A full description of Opus ergonomics can be read here.

To date, the Opus musician posture seating family shares the actiposture™ mark with a range of residential lounge seating by HF Contracts (also developed in collaboration with BCU).  However, as purpose-designed furniture continues to be developed by Snell and Rowe we look forward to seeing this brand, designating the application of advanced postural principles, continue to grow and diversify.

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