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Stock Acoustic Doorsets

We have a variety of high performance timber acoustic door sets held in stock. Our stock levels are constantly changing but they range, as standard from Rw 41 to 55dB, some external, most for internal situations but all are fully certified and ready for next day delivery.  Each door set includes the door and frame […]

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Acoustic Doors Full Range

Acoustic doors are integral to providing a properly sound insulated room. At Amadeus we can provide doors rated from 41 Rw dB up to 55 RW db; suitable for schools, recording studios and all environments where improved sound insulation is required. All doors have an FD30 fire rating. Our full door range is listed below. (Please note all ratings […]

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Acoustic Absorber Panels

Our absorption panels are the ultimate acoustic treatment for absorbing unwanted frequencies and managing the sound within any given environment by improving the absorption coefficient of the room’s surface. Amadeus’ acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels are suitable for improving acoustics in a variety of rooms and spaces. These acoustic absorption panels can even improve the […]

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Acoustic Diffuser Panels

Binary Amplitude Diffusers (B.A.D) panels can provide a well balanced acoustic design that contains an appropriate combination of absorption, reflection and diffusion. This is where our specialist diffuser panels come in to their own – doing all three at once. These panels are effective in any environment where the acoustics require a slightly more complex treatment, […]

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Portable Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are by far the most versatile and user friendly of all our acoustic treatment and sound management products. These portable screens will greatly improve the sound quality of your environment and reduce unwanted noise bleed into microphones. With just a small movement of the screen you can completely change the dynamics of a […]

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