Acoustic Reflection Panels

Acoustic reflection panels are used to help carry and distribute sound correctly within any given space. Our team of skilled acousticians and joiners can create the perfect reflector panels for your environment.

We have designed and installed reflection panels for theatres, rehearsal rooms, universities, colleges, churches, auditoriums and concert halls. These acoustic panels will actually help to amplify a performance from the staging area right up to the back rows of the audience seating. Please see our case studies to find out more.

When it comes to sound management, there are many facets to think about and many products to call upon that deal with the situation, whether the problem is due to sound pressure levels or modes, standing waves or harmonics. Our reflection panels are one of many acoustic treatments that can really help to improve the internal acoustics of your space, making it an enjoyable place to perform and even better for the audience.

Please contact our acoustic consultants to help you get the best out of your performance or rehearsal space.

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