Alu Combi Portable Staging System

Alu Combi Portable Staging is ideal for a variety of uses, with fully adjustable scissor-action legs allowing for easy height adjustment and large load-spreading feet for a high degree of floor protection.

Suitable for all types of environment, venues and establishments, the stage platforms are extremely stable even when used on their own, including off-centre loadings in horizontal or sloping configurations.

  • Easy to use, erect and demount portable staging
  • Versatile, robust and multi-functional
  • Compact storage and portability
  • Variety of deck finishes available

The Alu Combi stage platforms are 22mm beech veneered blockboard in black or brown stained as standard, or with carpet, vinyl, solid hardwood, parquet, lacquered, waterproof and fire retardant finishes.

Various heights from 200mm to 1000mm (with alternatives available on request); high level staging can be achieved by double-tiering using a special connecting bracket.

The four adjustable legs are altered to height requirements by squeezing the spring-loaded shoot bolt grab handles and sliding the legs up or down until the shoot bolts are located securely in the desired holes.

Please view the datasheet for a complete specification.

Load: 765kg/sqm in all heights; evenly distributed.
Each standard 2m x 1m deck is designed to take 8 people standing or 4 sitting.

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