Alu Compact Staging System with Curtains

The Alu Compact Staging System is a demountable frame and curtain unit for professional, full size stage applications.

  • Easy to use, erect and demount portable staging
  • Wide choice of curtain colours
  • Totally flexible staging system

The upper construction consists of multi-chamber profiled aluminium columns and beams which provide an easy-running curtain drawing system.

Designed to be totally self-supporting, only bolted to the stage edge, the Alu Compact staging construction provides a complete system for the support of all the main and side curtains together with light hangers and provision for the incorporation of sets, decorations, studding partitions etc.

Load: 765kg/sqm in all heights; evenly distributed.
Each standard 2m x 1m deck is designed to take 8 people standing or 4 sitting.

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