Amadeus Dual Layer Acoustic Shield

Our innovative dual layer acoustic shield is designed specifically to prevent acoustic shock

The Amadeus Dual Layer Acoustic Shield has been specifically designed to protect orchestral musicians from damaging over-the-shoulder noise levels which can cause acoustic shock.

What is acoustic shock?

The phenomenon of acoustic shock has been known in the telemarketing field for some time and it is recognised that frequent and repeated exposure to short duration, high frequency or high intensity sounds can cause a range of physiological and psychological symptoms, including tinnitus and loss of hearing. Acoustic limiters can limit the risk of suffering acoustic shock but, so far, the options for musicians, who rely on their hearing, have been limited and the risk of suffering acoustic shock in an orchestral environment remains high. Recent press coverage has highlighted the devastating consequences acoustic shock can have for professional musicians. There is no established treatment for the condition, meaning that in the worst case scenario, a musician exposed to thundering noise from a brass section during a performance, may never play again and acoustic shock is often a career ending injury.

How can musicians protect their hearing?

This is why we have developed the Amadeus Dual Layer Acoustic Shield. The shield works by shielding and diffusing sound from the players to the rear, protecting front members of the orchestra and effectively reducing the amount of noise from percussion to the players in front.

The Amadeus Acoustic Shield is available as a freestanding solution or in a version that attaches to our popular OPUS 1 Chair

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