Garden Music Rooms

An attractive sound proof studio, in your garden music room!

Fully insulated and wired, sound-proofed garden music rooms are a great place to practice your music. Separated from the house, a garden studio gives all the privacy and dedicated sound proofing any musician could ask for!

Garden Music Rooms – The Home Solution!

As working from home becomes increasingly popular in the UK, our acoustically rated garden rooms are the ideal solution to provide an ambient music studio or work environment, whatever you do.

Of course, a garden studio can be used for both practicing and as a recording studio. In fact, there is no limit to what you can build into a sound proof garden studio solution. The only limit is your imagination!

Every Garden Music Room is Unique

The contemporary design will complement and enhance your outdoor haven, whether you want a quiet hide-away at the end of the garden or you simply want a practical, usable space for your business/profession. Amadeus can help!

Individually designed to your specification, our sound proof garden studios can provide a flexible acoustic environment almost anywhere.

Finest Quality Manufactured Garden Studios

Each and every one of our custom garden music rooms is crafted with only the finest materials. This ensures that sound proofing and noise reduction is optimized. Using laminated glass, the deepest and most vibration surpressing insulation and sound proofing technology ensures the quietest result. Our experience over 20+ years of designing and building sound proofed rooms guarantees you the perfect practice room in your garden!

You also do not have to worry that being out in the garden is a cold experience. All our music studios are thermally insulated too. This will mean your are warm and cosy in the colder winter months!

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like an acoustic consultation and no obligation survey and quotation for your new garden music room.

We also offer a bespoke music studio design service.

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