Jazz Portable Music Stand (foldable & adjustable)

The stylish Jazz Music Stand is a professional quality portable music stand, fully foldable and  with a full range of height adjustment.

Sold in boxes of 6 – minimum order 6.

The stand unfolds in three easy moves from a flat pack, no larger than the size of the tray and under 50mm thick. It offers industry standard stability and a full size music sheet tray with pencil shelf.

No knobs are used in the design of this stand, therefore no finger traps and no hassle. Just three easy moves.

The Jazz Music Stand can be unfolded with its base pointing away from the user. It then makes a unique portable conductors stand.

Structural parts: Aluminium
Feet: Rubber
Tray: Polypropylene
Coating: Anodised aluminium

Tray: w 503mm x h 323mm
Depth of tray lip: 57mm
Lowest height to the bottom of score: 432mm
Tallest height to bottom of score: 1207 mm
Nestling pitch: 120mm
Floor area occupied by 20 stands: 503mm x 435mm x 515mm   (*10 stands stacked)
Weight: 2.7kg

Transportation/storage trolley available – click here

Separate gig bag available – click here.

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