M-Pod® – Soundproof Pods Ideal for Musicians

M-Pods® are modular soundproof pods , ideal for music practice at home.

The M-Pod® was developed by B-Beng srl as an easy to build, acoustically designed sanctuary for the playing of musical instruments at home, from drums to piano, trumpet to tuba and everything in between.

We asked scores of musicians over the past two years what we should consider during the design development process of affordable soundproof pods, and we believe the M-Pod® truly responds to their most important requirements:

On soundproofing: “A place, a sanctuary even, where I can play any instrument and not disturb my neighbours or family with the noise”

The M-Pod® has an acoustic rating of 39dB, a high level of sound transmission reduction. As it sits on a floating floor, rather than being mechanically secured to it, there is little chance of any floor-borne sound transmission.

On vision and ventilation: “I must be able to see outside, there has got to be a window, and I want to be able to practice with the door closed without fear of suffocation!”

The M-Pod®‘s acoustic door is fully glazed; the glass sits in a steel frame that is covered in polyurethane, so very robust and provides plenty of ‘natural’ light within the pod.

The steel frame contains an integrated air handling system which includes air intake and stale air extraction, controlled by a simple switch by the entrance. The ventilation system also acts to pressurize the pod, which assists in the reduction of sound transmission both externally and internally.

On ambience: “When I am in the place, I want a sense of well being from both an acoustic and relaxed standpoint”

The aesthetics and functionality of the M-Pod® have been considered carefully. From contemporary styling, ambient lighting and LED lighting options to the intelligent positioning of power points, the M-Pod®offers a pleasant and acoustically isolated space for music practice at home.

And for added aesthetics….why not add a personal touch to the interior with printed acoustic panels?

On ease of installation: “It must be demountable, so if I move house I can take it with me”

The build time is just 5 hours (when installed by the Amadeus team), plus it can be dismantled and reassembled should you wish to move it.

Activation requires just one connection into a 13 amp power point and we incorporate two double 13 amp power sockets with every pod.

On use of space: “It should be able to go into a smallish space either in my home, garden or maybe a garage”

M-Pods® are all 2.23 metres in height and available in the following dimensions:

  • 1.8 x 2.3 metres
  • 2.3 x 2.3 metres
  • 2.7 x 2.3 metres

On affordability: “Good value for money”

Please contact Amadeus for pricing; we are sure you will agree the M-Pod® is fantastic value for money!

A recent client emailed the following feedback:

“The M-Pod® is a truly awesome and ingenious product, totally worth its weight in gold and worth every penny [A drummer’s dream practice booth]. This product will definitely keep the neighbours and more importantly the wife extremely happy as I play long into the night at full pelt 🙂 Thanks guys for the delivery and installation of the M-Pod®, greatly appreciate the fine work you are doing. Another happy customer 🙂  All the best Amadeus and thanks!”
Drummer, Hitchin

The above client has given us authorisation to provide his contact details to anyone who would like to speak to him first hand regarding the M-Pod®.

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