Portable Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are by far the most versatile and user friendly of all our acoustic treatment and sound management products.

These portable screens will greatly improve the sound quality of your environment and reduce unwanted noise bleed into microphones.

With just a small movement of the screen you can completely change the dynamics of a recording, rehearsal or teaching space. You can position the screens to create a temporary vocal booth, create a quiet or ‘dead zone’ for recording that inhibits early reflections and flutter echo, or simply line up several screens on a highly reflective wall to change the absorption coefficient and response of your room.

Other uses include partitioning off a teaching area for improved speech intelligibility, or even making a guitar cab enclosure to take the edge off of high volume recording. Our portable acoustic screens come in a variety of models whose capabilities are almost endless.

Available with printed artwork or fabric finish, and with or without wheels.

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