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Amadeus Information

Company Overview An Amadeus data sheet that provides an overview of the Amadeus companies.


Amadeus Acoustic Solutions Information

What is BB93? An Amadeus article briefly explaining the purpose and importance of the construction legislation.

BB93 Document The full government document.

What is the Noise at Work Act? An Amadeus article briefly explaining the Act.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 The full government legislation.

Why Does My Space Sound so Bad?  A simple explanation as to why certain spaces are prone to bad acoustics and a simple approach to improving them.

Laboratory Determination of Airborne Sound Transmission of BOXY Acoustic Doors Full sound transmission results from tests performed by Sound Research Laboratories on our BOXY acoustic doors


Amadeus Performance Equipment Information

Opus Chairs and the Alexander Technique An Amadeus article outlining the ergonomic benefits of our Opus 1 chair.

What does the actiposture™ mark mean? An Amadeus article explaining the actiposture™ mark carried by all Opus musician posture chairs and stools.

Amadeus Dual Layer Acoustic Shield Test Report 2016 Full acoustics performance test report from Adrian James Acoustics Ltd.

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