School Dining Hall Acoustic Management

During the summer of 2018 the schools Deputy Head made contact with Amadeus for advice on controlling a highly reverberative dining hall at St Mary’s and St Giles Church of England school.

Upon visiting the school and the area in question the current reverberation time was measured at >4.0 seconds. With careful planning and design, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions came up with a solution using our acoustic panels covered in CARA fabric (Ref. Dolphin).

Acoustic treatment isn’t simply a case of throwing a load of absorbency at the problem, particularly when space is also a consideration. We decided to propose the use of 25mm absorbent panels which would be suspended to create an air gap. The combination of panel treatment, working in tandem with the space between panel and ceiling meant that efficient absorbency could take place across the frequency range. The technical result was a reverberation time < 2.0 seconds. Sounds good but what does that mean in real terms?

Testimonial from Kieran Salter, Headmaster of St Mary & St Giles Church of England, Primary School, Milton Keynes

“I delayed responding to your email until after lunchtime today – as the real test is when the children are all in and eating.

When I saw the first three panels on the ceiling I could not believe the difference they had made already. Seeing the finished product, yes it looks good and enhances the room – but it would be very expensive decoration if that is all it did.

When you talk in the room the difference is immediately noticeable – with the harshness of the echo taken out, the whole room is a lot more mellow.

So today was the first day of term and the children were all in the lunch-hall eating their lunch and enjoying telling each other of their experiences over the summer.  They were, to put it mildly, excited and chatty.  However the staff on duty in the hall, and the children themselves, commented on how ‘soft’ the room was and how much more pleasant it was to eat in there.

Knowing that this room has been a problem since it was built in 1971, I am surprised that no-one has tackled this issue before, but anyone who knew the room before and who came into it now could not help but be delighted with the change in the acoustics.

Thank you so much for making the room much more bearable for staff and pupils alike.

A great job, well executed.  I am very pleased indeed.

Thank you.


Absorbent Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Absorbent Acoustic Panels with Air Gap for Increased Bass Absorption


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