Acoustic Consultancy

Amadeus provides specialist advice on acoustic treatment and sound management for an unlimited range of environments.

Our acoustic consultancy service offers the benefit of specialist knowledge and many years of experience to provide you with the acoustic products that are most suited to your needs, whether soundproofing a room or designing a new auditorium.

Our acoustic consultants will ensure regulatory compliance within schools (including BB93 guidance) and in the workplace (we are strong supporters of the Noise at Work Act).
We offer independent acoustic testing and an impartial opinion, based on best practice and with no affiliation to any commercial interest.

Our acoustic consultancy services include:

  • Architectural acoustic design and build assessments
  • Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) ‘Acoustic Design of Schools’ appraisals to ensure acoustic regulation compliance for both new builds and redevelopments
  • Sound insulation testing
  • Pre-completion testing
  • Reverberation time measurements
  • CATT-Acoustic computer modelling for halls, classrooms, concert halls, theatres and conference rooms
  • Electro-acoustics
  • Sound system advice and specification for public address, music amplification and speech reinforcement
  • Noise insulation for industrial
  • Providing acoustic solutions to existing noise problems

Professional Acoustic Consultants

Our team of qualified acoustic consultants are all active members of the Institute of Acoustics with many years of consultancy experience.

Working in association with independent acousticians Adrian James Acoustics Ltd, we offer a broad array of specialisms from sound recording to architectural and environmental acoustics. We provide consultancy and acoustic treatment within many industries including the performing arts, education, the environment, architecture and the building acoustics sectors.

Please read our acoustic consultancy case studies to find out more.

All of our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

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