Music Studio Design

Amadeus is highly experienced in the design and realisation of bespoke music rehearsal and recording studios.

We have completed scores of studio design projects from contemporary garden rooms to soundproofing an old residential garage for drum practice, and have a broad knowledge of the ideal acoustic products to complement and improve sound management within the space.

As well as the new Boxy acoustic rooms, which offer an affordable modular solution to soundproofing and acoustic performance, our bespoke Music Studio Design Service is designed to offer music performers the ultimate in acoustics, style and comfort, at the optimum price. We also offer solutions for Garden Music Rooms, so whatever your needs, we can match it!

Working to your requirements, we can design and build your new studio with the following bespoke inclusions.

  • QRD diffusers
  • Helmholtz resonators
  • Oscillator absorbing panels
  • Slotted resonators
  • Coupled resonators
  • Skyline diffusers
  • Absorption panels
  • Acoustic doors
  • Acoustic windows
  • Resistive silencers
  • Reactive silencers
  • Acoustic enclosures


Please see our music studio case studies to find out more, or contact us to find out how we can facilitate your next project.

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