Modular Room Re-sales

The modularity of Amadeus BOXY rooms and M-Pods not only enables clients to demount and relocate their rooms but also allows them to sell their units on, giving prospective clients the opportunity to pick up a high performance second-hand modular room at a fraction of the price! second hand r


Price: £10,995 + VAT. [RRP: £21,500]
(For delivery and installation costs please contact us)  

A pre-loved E Series BOXY drum booth capable of delivering >45dB sound reduction.

Previous history: Purchased and installed in 2011, ready for demount and rehome NOW.

Condition: Excellent


Length (external): 264cm

Width (external): 213cm

Height (external): 235cm

Black laminate external fascia |  Navy & silver reversible acoustic panes |  Laminate internal floor

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