Soundproof Drum Room installed into drummers home

Our Boxy acoustic music practice rooms can be utilised for a virtually unlimited amount of musical uses. They are used as band rehearsal rooms, music practice rooms in schools, colleges and Universities, vocal booths, control rooms in recording studios, and much more. They are also widely used as soundproof drum rooms.

Above: Boxy Soundproof Drum Room. Designed to  your specification.
We recently installed one of our music practice rooms into a converted garage/barn in Faversham, Kent for a young drummer who wanted to play late into the night without disturbing surrounding neighbours. We designed this stunning soundproof drum room to fit perfectly within the existing building, and had to work around structural obstacles such as supportive ceiling beams.

Above: Exterior shot of the garage/barn within which we were installing the Boxy soundproof room

Above: The floor of the Boxy soundproof pod being laid
Above: The walls begin to take shape
Above: Working around internal beams
Above: The Boxy acoustic pod fits seamlessly into the challenging surroundings
Above: Interior shot of the Boxy soundproof drum room
Our client is now able to play drums at any hour of the day or night, and he doesn’t disturb anyone around him. He also uses the acoustic pod as a band rehearsal room with his friends and colleagues. The interior of the pod has been beautifully finished with printed acoustic panels, a glass acoustic door, and contemporary blue neon plugs and electrical points.
Above: Happy drummer uses his Boxy soundproof pod for the first time
Above: Drum kit and printed acoustic panels on walls
Above: Unique and contemporary blue neon plug sockets. (They slide along the horizontal line)
Above: Drummer inside the Boxy acoustic pod with the glass acoustic door closed.


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