Stunning music rooms and instrument storage for Beaudesert Park School

When planning started in 2013 for the new performing arts centre at Beaudesert Park School, Amadeus Acoustic Solutions were delighted to be invited by the project architects, MEB Design, to bid for the design and installation of seven modular music rooms.

Following their successful tender, Amadeus installed the stunning music room suite during the first quarter of 2015, ready for the opening in the summer. (This was the third time that MEB Design had chosen the BOXY modular music room solution from Amadeus following previous success at Dragon School, Oxford, and Musical Theatre Academy, London.)

The brief required no sound transmission between rooms but for there to be the merest sense of sound around the newly created music department. The BOXY rooms exceeded expectations with their impressive noise reduction rating of >65dB. The school’s music director, Karen Taylor, said “…the difference in the sound level is incredible…the children are much more focussed and achieving a lot more in their lessons”.

The installation also included a bespoke instrument storage system to make optimum use of the space outside the rooms. This beautiful set of units was designed by Amadeus’s in-house CAD expert and hand-crafted by their experienced cabinet maker.

An excerpt from the school’s newsletter said “The music school has moved into the performing arts centre and the children and staff are much enjoying their new music pods and extra space. Our visiting piano tuner, who visits many independent schools nationwide, said that, in his opinion, Beaudesert’s new facilities were one of the best he had seen in a prep school and, in particular, he was very impressed with the soundproofing of the rooms.”

The following film and photos showcase our recent work on this project…



Beaudesert 3    Hallway2    Hallway2

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