Suite Complete Following BOXY Music Rooms Move

Following on from an earlier blog, we are pleased to report that the Royal College of Music’s Ziff Suite project is now complete following the demount and relocation of their BOXY music rooms, which had been sited temporarily in the College courtyard.

We left this story with 8 modular B level BOXY music rooms housed within temporary accommodation in the RCM courtyard (thus allowing students to continue with rehearsal and practice whilst refurbishment of the college progressed). In just 11 days our team had arrived on site, dismantled, moved and re-installed the BOXY rooms into their new location, along with three additional rooms, with minimal disruption to all those involved.

In the video below two RCM students and the Director of Finance and Estates, Marcus McDonald, tell us of their experiences with the rooms and the overall success of the project.

We would like to thank the Royal College of Music, Marcus McDonald, Kristiana Ignatjeva, Jacob Bagby and the college’s Communications Department for their participation and assistance in making this video.

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