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School Dining Hall Acoustic Management

During the summer of 2018 the schools Deputy Head made contact with Amadeus for advice on controlling a highly reverberative dining hall at St Mary’s and St Giles Church of England school. Upon visiting the school and the area in question the current reverberation time was measured at >4.0 seconds. With careful planning and design, […]

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AAS completes largest ever BOXY installation for RNCM, Manchester

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions, in partnership with Italian manufacturers BOXY, are proud to announce the completion of their largest ever modular studio installation at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. The £850,000 project saw theatre space previously used for small-scale productions and concerts converted into one overall enormous space 12m x 11m x 4m and […]

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Solving Noise Problems in Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

At some point in our evolution, dining out with your loved one or popping down the local for a cheeky pint ceased to be the cosy experience it used to be. Gone are the days of velour booth seats, flock wallpaper, tasseled lampshades and candles in Chianti bottles (complete with paleolithic layers of wax drip)…and […]

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Happy customer demonstrates performance of his Amadeus garden music studio

How ‘soundproof’ is an Amadeus garden music studio? Happy customer, Sam Jackson, demonstrates…. Here at Amadeus, we love it when happy clients stay in touch with us and show us what they are up to, so we were particularly touched to receive a video from Sam Jackson the other day excitedly demonstrating the sound reduction […]

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