Opus Musician Posture Chairs to Carry actiposture™ Mark

Amadeus Performance Equipment are excited to announce that all Opus musician posture chairs and stools incorporating back rests now carry the actiposture™ mark. This brand is applied exclusively to advanced postural seating systems designed and developed by designers Professor Richard Snell and David Rowe and, in the case of the Opus Collection, in collaboration with […]

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Opus Family Receives Exciting Rebrand

We are thrilled to announce the rebranding of our Opus chairs after 20 years of successful design and development, and strong market place position. Although these humble little chairs may seem simple to the eye, their quality design amazes musicians from around the world. Get ready to meet the impressive family that is Opus… The […]

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Amadeus Bass Stool Receives Glowing Review

We had a lovely surprise at Amadeus the other day when our web analytics revealed steady traffic coming from music tuition website: discoverdoublebass.com. Curious, we investigated further and discovered that the traffic was coming from a bass stool review conducted by the site’s founder and principal tutor, Geoff Chalmers. Geoff had created a video reviewing three bass stools, including […]

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New Dual Layer Acoustic Shield Receives Glowing Feedback from Well Known Orchestra

Following an extensive trial of Amadeus’ new Dual Layer Acoustic Shields, our client was so impressed with the product that they procured a selection of both free-standing and Opus 1 chair variants. The reasoning for the choice was explained: “Our decision to ‘upgrade’ our screens to the Amadeus product was twofold: we use Amadeus Opus 1 […]

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Royal Albert Hall Invests in Opus 1 Musicians’ Posture Chairs

We are delighted to announce that the Royal Albert Hall has joined our portfolio of highly prestigious UK concert hall clients following their purchase of 200 Opus 1 musicians’ posture chairs. The Opus 1 musicians’ posture chair was designed to offer maximum support to a wide range of musicians and has been recommended by Alexander […]

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Opus chairs and the Alexander Technique

Amadeus’ range of Opus musicians chairs have been specifically designed to improve posture while playing, and have been deemed ‘excellent’ for ‘Alexander sitting’ by both an Ergonomist and an Alexander Technique teacher.

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The Opus range of musicians’ posture chairs

Opus musicians chairs and stools, sold exclusively by Amadeus, have been designed to improve posture for musicians and conductors in schools, performance venues and orchestras, during both music practice and performance.

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Opus Chairs for the Royal Opera House, Oman

Amadeus were asked to provide musicians chairs and audience seating for the new Royal Opera House, the premier venue for musical arts and culture in Oman.

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Amadeus products featured on BBC 2 television show!

On Monday 20th June, BBC 2 aired a documentary about UK manufacturing presented by Ewan Davis. During the programme there is a section that features our very own Opus posture chairs at Yehudi Menhuin!  Above: Ewan Davis, with musicians on Opus chairs in the background.  Click the following link to see for yourself, and watch this […]

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Acoustic Treatment for the Black Dyke Band

Amadeus provided successful acoustic treatment for the rehearsal room of the Black Dyke Band – one of the worlds most celebrated and illustrious brass bands – including Absorbor panels, BAD panels and Opus chairs.

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Opus chairs in Holland, and a bit of Dutch press!

Here at Amadeus we are thrilled to be able to boast the fact that our Opus Musician posture chairs have made their debut appearance in Holland. They may have put on a dubious performance in the world cup final, but the Dutch certainly understand the importance of good posture for their musicians, and have great […]

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