M-Pod Testimonial Proves Our Modular Music Rooms Have Serious Sax Appeal

Here at Amadeus, we are always delighted to receive feedback from our customers and testimonials such as Tim’s below really make our day! M-Pod testimonial   Tim was looking for a way to practice his saxophone freely and without constraint – Amadeus Acoustic Solutions were more than happy to help…   “I have been looking for a solution […]

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AAS completes largest ever BOXY installation for RNCM, Manchester

Amadeus Acoustic Solutions, in partnership with Italian manufacturers BOXY, are proud to announce the completion of their largest ever modular studio installation at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. The £850,000 project saw theatre space previously used for small-scale productions and concerts converted into one overall enormous space 12m x 11m x 4m and […]

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Amazing Garden Music Studio Testimonial from Alpha Dog

We were absolutely made up with this wonderful testimonial from Ed White following our design and installation of his garden music studio.  Thanks Ed, you rock! “As a busy film and TV composer working from home and delivering to Hollywood film production companies, ad agencies and broadcasters like ITV, BBC, Discovery, History Channel, when it […]

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Garden Studio in the Emerald Isle

An Amadeus first: a bespoke Garden Music Studio installed in Dublin, Ireland, including an acoustic floating floor, acoustic doors, absorption panels, passive baffled air vents and a highly rated, triple glazed studio window.

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“Floating” Room at Bede 6th Form College

Amadeus assisted Morgan Ashurst Contractors to correct sound leakage problems at Bede 6th Form College, where a POD for Music, enclosed in a cylindrical PINK seemingly floating room, required a modified design of the Boxy room to ensure that it both fitted into the space but improved the room’s soundproofing.

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Soundproof Rooms at the University of Central Lancashire

Three acoustic modular pods were installed into the University of Central Lancashire Media Factory, all acoustically treated with absorber panels, acoustic floating floor, acoustic doors and studios windows.

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Acoustic Panels for Kirkham Grammar School, Lancashire

We were approached by Croft Goode, Chartered Architects in September whose client, Kirkham Grammar School had asked them to source “specialist acoustic wall panels to include art”. The project was to improve the acoustics in a soon to be refurbished multi purpose hall, so that both the spoken word and varying forms of music could […]

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Acoustic Pod within a Shed at Dulwich College

Dulwich College found an intelligent way to transform a waste area – a shed sandwiched between two music department blocks – into a new location for a Drum & Band Practice Room. The practice room is designed to reduce sound transmission well beyond BB93, avoiding interference with other music lessons.

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13 Modular Music Studios at Dragon School, Oxford

Dragon School music department applied for planning permission to extend their existing music school, yet were struggling to get permission for the build. They found an unused space abutting the existing music department to erect a temporary building and plans were then put in place to install 13 brand new Boxy modular acoustic music studios, including floating floors, suspended ceilings and fully decorated and carpeted hall ways.

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Soundproof Drum Room installed into drummers home

Amadeus installed an acoustic pod into the converted garage/barn of a young drummer who wanted to practice late into the night without disturbing surrounding neighbours. This stunning soundproof “pod” fits perfectly within the existing building, working around structural obstacles such as supportive ceiling beams.

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Large Control Room and Live Room installed in Shanghai

Our largest soundproof studio installation; a control room and a live room for small performances and recordings installed, in China, ready for Shanghai to become the “EXPO city” for 2010.

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Modular Soundproof Rooms at Leeds College of Art

Amadeus installed two modular soundproof rooms for music practice and recording on a mezzanine floor at Leeds College of Art; sound management and use of Natural Light were important factors due to the location of the rooms.

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