Tonbridge Grammar School selects Amadeus Acoustic Solutions’ modular BOXY rooms and M-Pods® for refurbished music suite

A tour of Finton School’s fabulous modular music room complex convinced Christina Burnie (Bond Bryan Project Architect), Adrian Pitts (Senior Deputy Head, Tonbridge Grammar School) and Simon Hayward (Director of Music, Tonbridge Grammar School) that BOXY modular acoustic rooms from Amadeus were perfect for the redevelopment of Tonbridge Grammar School’s music department.

But the project team were facing a challenge.

The refurbishment of the music department was but a fraction of a whole programme of incredible developments underway at the school and it looked as though funds would not stretch far enough for them to realise their music room dreams after all. However, following a combination of tenacious fundraising by all the school’s stakeholders, the timely resale of a beautiful set of pre-loved Boxy rooms by a famous music producer, and generous sponsorships from an anonymous donor and Amadeus themselves, the school was able to fulfil their wish list.

The overall installation comprising eight BOXY music rooms, including a fully equipped recording studio, and two M-Pods® was completed in only twelve days and the school proudly displayed their fabulous new facilities on Wednesday 17 September in concert with the opening of their new International Baccalaureate IBarn building.

Top rooms    Open rooms    drum and studio    bottom rooms

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