Many congratulations to Sam Rudd-Jones of Stamford Endowed Schools, Lincolnshire, for winning the Amadeus MMA Composition Competition 2016!

Sam’s final ensemble piece ‘Riemann’ is a well structured and innovative interplay of piano and violin that provides the musicians freedom to ad lib in certain places from piano tremolos to freely changing tempos. As Sam outlined within his brief:

 “When Beethoven wrote his violin sonatas they were subtitled “for Piano and Violin”, reflecting the dominant role the piano played. I’ve planned to reimagine this concept in a more modern style where the violin is an instrument that adds colour rather than purely carrying melody while the piano accompanies. For the piano I will explore the full range and the different effects that are obtainable. A particular idea in mind I have is a bass tremolo that makes a rumbling noise. With the violin I’d like to explore some of the harsher texture (e.g. detaché) and also make use of the open strings that are available.”

Many congratulations also go to runners up, Ben Wili of Cranleigh School and Morgan Overton of Oakham School. The overall standard of all entrants was incredibly high and all three finalists’ pieces showed exceptional maturity and creativity.

The results of the competition were announced at the end of a busy day of workshops arranged by the MMA and hosted by Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. Workshops held included a morning session on each of three finalists’ compositions, led by adjudicator and published composer, Jonathan Willcocks. The session gave all attendees a chance to hear a professional ensemble play each composition, which was then discussed with its composer and feedback provided by Jonathan and the musicians. An engaging and informative afternoon session was then led by Dr Steven Berryman, composer and Director of Music at City of London School for Girls, whose session looked at ways to tackle composition briefs including tips on how to achieve the best marks within an exam.

We are delighted to have been able to sponsor this extremely successful and well received competition and we wish Sam, Morgan and Ben the very best of luck for their future studies and musical ventures.





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